Over the Hedge Squirrel Names: A Closer Look at the Memorable Characters

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Over the Hedge Squirrel


If you’ve ever watched the animated movie “Over the Hedge,” you’ll likely remember the lovable squirrel characters that brought plenty of laughter and excitement to the film. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of “Over the Hedge” and explore the significance of these squirrel characters, their unique traits, and, most importantly, their names.

Overview of “Over the Hedge”

“Over the Hedge” is a delightful animated film that takes us on a thrilling adventure with a group of woodland creatures. The story revolves around a mischievous raccoon named RJ, who convinces a group of unsuspecting animals to help him raid the suburban neighborhood for food. As the animals navigate the human world and face numerous challenges, they encounter a trio of unforgettable squirrel characters that play an integral role in the movie.

Importance of Squirrel Characters

Squirrels are known for their agility, cleverness, and boundless energy. In “Over the Hedge,” the squirrel characters embody these traits, bringing a vibrant and comedic element to the story. Their constant antics and humorous interactions with other animals add a layer of excitement and entertainment that captivates audiences of all ages.

The Names of Squirrel Characters in “Over the Hedge”

Let’s now explore the names of the squirrel characters in “Over the Hedge” and discover how these names reflect their unique personalities.

1. Hammy

Hammy, the hyperactive squirrel, is a fan favorite in “Over the Hedge.” With his lightning-fast movements and hilarious high-pitched voice, Hammy’s energetic nature perfectly matches his name. He is always in a rush, delivering laughs with his zany behavior and incredible speed.

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2. Verne

Verne is the sensible and cautious squirrel in the group. His name may not be as flashy as the others, but it suits his responsible and level-headed personality. Verne often finds himself in the role of the voice of reason, providing guidance and stability to the other characters.

3. Stella

Stella, the sassy and no-nonsense squirrel, adds a touch of attitude and confidence to the group. Her name exudes strength and independence, which perfectly aligns with her bold and fearless nature. Stella’s sharp wit and quick comebacks make her a memorable character in “Over the Hedge.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Squirrel Names in “Over the Hedge”

Here are some common questions that viewers often have regarding the names of the squirrel characters in “Over the Hedge”:

Q1: Are the names of the squirrel characters in “Over the Hedge” based on anything specific?

The names of the squirrel characters in “Over the Hedge” were chosen to reflect their individual personalities and characteristics. The creative team behind the movie carefully selected names that would resonate with each character’s traits, adding depth and uniqueness to their identities.

Q2: Why is Hammy called Hammy?

Hammy’s name is a playful nod to his energetic and hyperactive nature. It represents his “hamming it up” behavior, always stealing the limelight with his comedic antics and lightning-fast movements.

Q3: What inspired the name Verne for the sensible squirrel?

The name Verne is a homage to Jules Verne, the renowned French author known for his adventure novels. Just like Jules Verne’s characters embark on thrilling journeys, our Verne in “Over the Hedge” takes the animals on a daring adventure, making the name an apt choice.

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Q4: Is there any significance behind the name Stella for the sassy squirrel?

Stella’s name is derived from the Latin word “stella,” which means “star.” This choice symbolizes Stella’s fiery personality and her ability to shine brightly among the other characters. Her fearless nature and quick comebacks make her a star in her own right.


In conclusion, the squirrel characters in “Over the Hedge” bring a sense of fun, energy, and laughter to the film. Through their unique personalities and memorable names, Hammy, Verne, and Stella have become beloved characters in the hearts of viewers worldwide. The creative choices in naming these characters perfectly complement their traits, making them stand out in the animated world. So, the next time you watch “Over the Hedge,” keep an eye out for these charismatic squirrels and appreciate the thought put into their names, which contribute to the overall enjoyment of the movie.

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